Submit Abstract

Researchers with new results in areas relevant to the meeting topics are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration for oral and/or poster presentation. Enter up to a 400-word abstract (type or cut-and-paste plain text only with no graphics). Once the abstract is submitted, be sure you receive an email confirmation that the abstract has been successfully received. If you do not receive a confirmation, then we did not receive your abstract. It should be noted that all papers are accepted based on the understanding that one or more of the authors will personally attend the conference as a conferee and present their work.

Abstracts submission for oral and poster consideration is still open. For oral presentations, please notify us if you are not able to obtain company approval by the date the abstract is due; provide a title, authors and a brief description of the kind of material that you would like to present, and indicate when approval is expected. This material will be kept confidential.