Best Poster Competition Sponsored by Wiley and Picometrics


Wiley and Picometrics have generously agreed to sponsor 3 awards to be given to the top 3 best poster presentations during the 19th International Symposium on Electro- and Liquid Phase-separation Techniques (ITP 2012). 

  The top three (3) poster presentations will receive each

  • a one year free on-line subscription to the journal Electrophoresis sponsored by Wiley
  • a cash price of $300 sponsored by Picometrics 



ITP 2012 Best Poster Competition Results


  • P-112    Chemometric-assisted Microextraction Based on an Ionic Liquid as Ion-pairing Agent for the Determination of Chromium Species in Environmental Samples. Paula Berton1,2, Luciana Vera- Candioti2,3, Hector Goicoechea2,3, Rodolfo Wuilloud1,2, 1Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Research and Development (QUIANID), Instituto de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, ARGENTINA; 2Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnicas, Mendoza, ARGENTINA; 3Laboratory of Analytical Development and Chemometrics (LADAQ), Faculty of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences, National University of the Litoral, Santa Fe, ARGENTINA
  •  P-502    Protein Analysis Based on Microfabricated Sensors with Amalgam Working Electrodes. Petra Juskova1, Hana Cernocka2, Veronika Ostatna2, Emil Palecek2, Frantisek Foret1, 1Institute of Analytical Chemistry ASCR v. v. i., Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC; 2Institute of Biophysics ASCR v. v. i., Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
  •  P- 706   High-Sensitive Analysis of DNA Fragments by Electrokinetic Supercharging-Capillary Gel Electrophoresis: Impact of Buffer Viscosity, Electrode Configuration, and Electrolyte Carry-over. Xiaoxue Ye1, Junji Inoue1, Zhongqi Xu2, Mihoro Yamada1, Satomi Mori1, Takeshi Hirokawa1, 1Hiroshima University, School of Engineering, Hiroshima, JAPAN; 2Donghua University, College of Chemistry Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Shanghai, CHINA